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Social Security
How social media monitoring can help protect your people and property

Social media networks have emerged as the next frontier for security investigations. As deep reserves of timely and relevant information that can assist in everything from background screening to loss prevention, their importance cannot be understated. Our investigations team utilizes the latest social intelligence tools to continually research these channels to ensure the ongoing safety of your employees and your assets.

Look to our Social Intelligence services to mitigate risks in the following areas:

Human Resources
Avoid the risks and dangers associated with taking on new employees – and get a better handle on those staff members that may be giving you cause for concern. Social media mining provides a rich source of information on prospective and current employees. The technology can be utilized as a background process, or to navigate through HR related issues, ranging from employee dishonesty to workplace violence. Above all, social media documents also serve to provide relevant information that can greatly assist in the background screening of job applicants.

Corporate Risk
Crime in your workplace? Social media information can assist in mitigating risks associated to theft, fraud and security issues. From exposure of vulnerabilities to identification of external and insider threats (both current and emerging), our technology can assist you in reducing redundant costs and increasing corporate profits.

Due Diligence
Whether you are conducting corporate research, screening key management personnel, or selecting new vendors, social intelligence reports are an essential part of the due diligence process. Social media mining provides you with the highest level of confidence in the integrity and activities of key partners, before business is conducted. Above all, it provides in-depth insight into a person’s publicly available online presence, enabling you to identify risks, issues, and opportunities, whether for a corporation or an individual.
No claims investigation is complete without social media monitoring. Today, it is an invaluable tool in the investigation into medical fraud, auto collisions and suspicious property claims. With it, we can help our clients effectively prove/disprove cases, strategically deploying physical surveillance where required. Our Special Investigations Units (SIUs) also use this technology to identify witnesses and build rock-solid cases for staged accidents, fraudulent claims and vendor fraud.

Loss Prevention
For those experiencing losses in the workplace, social intelligence can broaden the scope of the investigations. Our social media investigators seamlessly sift through online information pertaining to theft, fraud and counterfeiting. As a result, we can more easily identify potential perpetrators, fencing locations and even, in some instances, recover stolen goods.

Legal Firms
Social intelligence is also in invaluable legal resource. Legal professionals, paralegals and lawyers are all confronted with a myriad of client issues that require strong support data and relevant, recent information that are delivered quickly. Social media investigations greatly assist in substantiating legal cases, ranging from defamation of character to corporate litigation.

Educational Institutions
For schools and institutions, protecting the safety of your students, faculty, visitors and facilities is a key responsibility. Social intelligence is an integral tool that can be used by educators to ensure the security of their people and property. Employed as both an effective means of communication and as a tool for monitoring online activity, it can greatly assist in the identification of emerging issues, while it also helps to bring ongoing conflicts to a successful resolution.

AFIMAC Global is a leader in the provision of comprehensive corporate security and contingency planning services through North and South America and also offers global services. Its diverse capabilities include executive protection, labor dispute planning & response, cargo security & escorts, disaster & emergency response, corporate investigations, workplace violence assessment & response. With a distinguished management team and highly skilled personnel, AFIMAC Global is well known for its high quality service delivery and immediate responsiveness.

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