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Social Media Investigations Snapshot Plus
A package that delivers the works:
- Social Media Footprint
- Client-Tailored Keyword Search
- Investigation and Analysis
- Open Source Investigations

A variety of subsequent enhancement options:
- Social Media Surveillance
- Historical Social Media Geo-Fencing
- Additional Investigation Time

Case Example:
Corporate Your company is suspicious of an employee’s absenteeism. You are looking to investigate whether the employee is or was actually ill on specific dates.

How can AFIMAC help?
With the Snapshot Plus package, AFIMAC will provide the client with an overview of the employee’s activities across social media and open source platforms. AFIMAC is able to conduct both current and historical searches on a variety of platforms to help determine the legitimacy of a claim. AFIMAC will provide recommendations on the findings, which will allow the client to decide if a more in-depth investigation is required.

Social Media Investigations Snapshot

Basic Social Media Investigation includes a Social Media Footprint and client specific keyword search to quickly get the historical ‘big picture’. More Info

Social Media Investigations Panoramic

Package is designed to monitor social media profiles, geographic areas, topics of interests, keywords and sentiment. More Info

Social Media Investigations Snapshot Plus

A package that delivers: Social Media Footprint, Client – Tailored Keyword Search, Investigations and Analysis, Open Source Investigations More Info

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